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Miniature Horse

Miniature horses are found in many nations, especially North and South America and Europe. The height of the animal determines if it is considered to be a miniature horse. Different miniature horse registries vary depending on the breed, but the height is usually less than 34-38 inches. This measurement is taken from the last hairs found on the mane, normally at the peak of the withers. Miniature horses are typically very similar in size to very small ponies, however miniature horses retain the charateristics and proportions of a horse and are considered horses by their respective registeries.

Miniatures have various coat patterns and colors just like that of the larger versions of the breed. Miniature horses interact well with people and are very friendly. Due to the friendly nature of the miniature horse, it is often kept as a family pet. Miniatures still have all the same behaviors and 'flight or fight' insticnts and should always be respected and cared for in the same manner as any other equine. Miniatures have also been trained and used as service animals much like service dogs used for people with disabilities. One advantage over dogs in this area is the miniatures life span. They are very hardy, often times living on average longer than full-sized horse breeds. Miniature horses have an average life span of 25 to 35 years.