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Saddle King Saddles


Saddle King saddles are made by Ozark Leather Company in Waco, Texas. They have been a leader in manufacturing western saddles and other leather products for years. We carry the full line of Saddle King of Texas western saddles and leather tack.

King Series Saddles are manufacturerd exclusively for JT International located in Indianapolis, IN.  In business since 1973 they are well experienced in quality and have an outstanding reputation.  



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Saddle King of Texas

The Reinforced Rawhide Saddle Tree

Saddle King Saddles rawhide trees are built by a saddle builder from Yellow Pine from the Colorado Mountains. Once the wood tree is built and reinforced with wood screws, it is lined with wet rawhide that shrinks and coats the wood. Using this method ensures the strength and durability well as protects the tree from moisture and weather. A wooden tree allows for flexibility and shock absorption and increases its ability to withstand hard work. This long-standing tradition of using wooden trees that has been used for many decades continues to be used in the making of Saddle King.

The Steele Brand Equi-Fit Classic Saddle Tree

The Saddle King Equi-Fit Classic tree is appropriate for daily use. To insure symmetry and uniformity, all components are built on Steele’s self-designed automated lathes. Each unique style is duplicated from the same original template. Most components are designed from southern yellow pine. Every tree is assembled in a set-up jig, a tool that positions and holds components in correct alignment for assembly. The use of this jig set-up ensures every tree is the same every time, which eliminates incorrectly measured trees, or out-of-square and out-of-level trees. Industrial hot wood glue is used on all the fork-to-bar joints on the Saddle King Equi-Fit Classic trees. They are then fastened with 2” galvanized staples, six staples are used in each side of the cantle and seven to nine are used in each side of the fork. A single hand-laid layer of 6oz of fiberglass cloth is then used to cover the entire tree. Saddle King roping saddles are made with a Double Fiberglass tree: High stress areas of the tree are initially covered in 6 ounces of fiberglass cloth; fork-to-bar joint, back of the fork, & the slim portion of each bar on roping trees. A fiberglass covering is then applied, allowing for double coverage to high stress areas. A blue resin is applied on Double Fiberglass trees to signify the strength upgrades. This allows for identification of the grade of the saddle tree even after the saddle is built.

The Poly-Ride Tree

The Saddle King Poly-Ride tree is a quality pleasure tree made in Alabama by saddle makers. This is a solid, injection molded plastic tree made up of recycled materials. The injection molding method guarantees the same tree from first to last. The Poly-Ride tree is light weight and easy to care for. Saddle King uses them in most of their pleasure saddles providing you with a saddle that is lightweight and sturdy.