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Automatic Horse Feeder with Solar Powered Charger and Extended Life Battery


Automatic Horse Feeder with Solar Powered Charger and Extended Life Battery This automatic animal feeder comes with a solar charger and an extended life battery. Operate your Quick Feed animal feeder from a 12-volt extended life dry cell battery best for extreme cold climates when you have unreliable power or no power at all. The solar charger maintains the battery without overcharging.

Comes complete with built in programmable timer, 2-AA batteries for memory back-up, snap lock lid, 2" PVC pipe and fittings, mounting screws, instruction manual, 12-volt transformer, battery adapter, extended life 12-volt battery and solar charger.

Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 10" - 19lbs.

The Automatic feeder for pets and livestock holds 50 lb. of pellets or grain, 25 lb. of dog or cat food and can dispense 1 to 12 times per day; 1 to 5 cups each feeding.

Select the dispensing cup size for the smallest amount you wish to feed at one time - 1 cup, 1/2 cup, or 1/4 cup.

Example - 1/4 cup size would allow from 1/4 to 1 1/4 cups per feeding cycle.

Quick Feed Automatic Feeders

 Quick feeders are designed for household pets, including the usual - cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs as well as small livestock - such as sheep, goats, pigs, miniature and large horses.

Our customers use our feeders in many household and commercial applications both indoors and out - feeding feral, barn and domestic cats, in pet boarding facilities and dog kennels, horse stables, exotic bird farms, horse boarding and breeding stables, and many others.

Quick Feed Automatic Horse Feeders dispense everything from oats and mixed grains to pellets, cat food and small kibbles to large chunk dog foods. Quick Feed Automatic Pet Feeders and Horse Feeders, large & small Animal Feeders operate by electronic timers. It's your choice - electric with battery backup or 12 volt battery operation.

The first QUICK FEED Automatic Pet Feeder was sold in May, 1997 for horses. Each successive year has brought major improvements while maintaining an affordable price and the highest quality. Although our prices have remained low we feel our service, integrity and workmanship have continued to improve.

Today's QUICK FEEDS offer flexible feeding times and amounts PLUS your choice of power source - electric or battery! Amount settings range from a few ounces up to 2 pounds, dispensing food from 1 to 12 times a day - within minutes of each other if needed - at the time YOU choose. Safe, heavy-duty, lightweight materials are used -no metal to cut or rust. Exterior is easy care - simply wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust accumulation.

QUICK FEEDS Automatic feeders are used in homes, apartments, garages, kennels and barns. Simple installation depends on the animals being fed - on the outside of a stall for horses and other livestock or flush mounted on an interior wall for dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, sheep, and other small animals.

Automatic animal feeder for livestock and other pets holds 50 lb. pellets or grain, 25 lb. dog/cat food. Dispenses 1 to 12 times per day, 1 to 5 cups each feed time. You can select the dispensing cup size for the smallest amount you wish to feed at one time - 1 cup, 1/2 cup, or 1/4 cup.

Quick Feeders are Available in Standard or Double Feeder Styles

Standard Automatic Feeders Available with 5 Different Power Options

Q. How does QF operate?

A. Quick Feed dispenses food automatically through a programmable electronic timer. Simply install 2 AA batteries (included) for battery backup, plug into a 110 volt electric outlet OR attach to a 12 volt battery (with optional battery adapter.) Begin by setting the digital clock to the correct time, program the times you wish to feed (up to 12 times) along with amounts, (5 amount choices) and fill with food. Food will be dispensed day after day at the times and amounts chosen.  Use the link at the bottom of this page to get more information on the Selector Settings.

Q. How often can I feed with QF?

A. QF is designed to feed from 1 to 12 times in a 24 hour period. Feedings may be scheduled within minutes or hours of each other. Once times are set, feeder will dispense each day at these times until settings are changed.

Q. How much can I feed at a time?

A. Settings begin at a few ounces and range up to 2 pounds or 1 to 5 cups for the standard feeder. After choosing the dispensing amounts for the Pet size from 1/8, 1/4 or 1/3 cup increment sizes, simply add one amount to each of the 5 settings. Example: 1/8 cup, 2/8 (1/4) cup, 3/8 cup, 4/8 (1/2) cup, 5/8 cup. For Standard size, see feeding selector chart for each type food, feeder size and animal by clicking on Selector Settings button at left for further information. Feedings may be scheduled within minutes of each other for larger amounts. Example: set the feeder to dispense 5 cups of grain at 8:00 A.M., and an additional 1 to 5 cups of grain at 8:05 A.M. simply by setting the clock accordingly.

Q. What are Quick Feeders made of?

A. QF is made of a high impact polyurethane plastics product.

Q. Can I use QF outside?

A. QF doesn't have a totally sealed hopper, and are not designed to be used outside without some cover to protect the electronics and food.

Q. How is QF mounted?

A. The Quick Feed hopper has pre-molded mounting screw holes in the back of the hopper.

Q. How much food will QF hold & how many days can I feed with QF?

A. QF Standard size hoppers will hold approximately 25 pounds of dog/cat foods or 50 pounds of grains and pellets. QF Pet size hoppers hold approximately 1/2 the above amounts. The amount of days you can feed with QF depends on the amounts and frequency of feedings. To determine how many days you can feed with the standard feeder, multiply the cups fed by the amount of times then divide into 132 cups. For the pet size, divide by 66 cups. This will tell you how many days you can safely feed before refilling.

Q. What types of food can I dispense with QF?

A. QF will dispense dry cat or dog food, pellets, and grain products. QF is not designed to dispense any food product larger than large chunk dog food or pellets longer than one inch in length as it will stop the rotation of the cylinder, thereby damaging the motor. For farm animals, sweet feeds with wet molasses have a tendency to bridge above the dispensing mechanism not allowing the feed to drop down into the chute.

Q. Is QF varmint proof?

A. Fortunately, not everyone has a raccoon, squirrel, or rodent problem. Unfortunately, for the ones that do, but no, QF is not varmint proof. However, there are solutions: Some of our handier customers have built lock boxes around their feeders out of wood or metal with an opening at the bottom for the spout while still others have mounted metal garbage cans and then attached their feeders inside.


Timer won't accept new programming.

Unlock the keypad. To unlock, press the "b" and "c" keys at the same time.

How will I know when the keypad is locked?

The keys will not respond when in locked mode. To change programs, unlock keypad by pressing the up (B) and down (C) keys at the same time.

What happens if power is interrupted to feeder?

If alarm is in audible mode, you will hear a continuous beep and a red light will flash. If in silent mode, only the red light will flash - readout will feature time that feeding was missed. Battery backup will maintain time and programming. To reset readout, press any button.

Turning off audible beeper alarm

If alarm is going off, press any key. This alarm indicates an error. Check for blockage, power outage or malfunction.

Temporary power interruption

Make sure "AA" batteries are good. If battery backup is used, clock will not lose time or programming. Feeder will not dispense feed during outage, however all subsequent programmed feedings will occur when power is restored.

Timer Assembly
NOL timer assembly

Hanging Instructions

Use the diagrams and instructions below for ease in adapting Quick Feed to your particular application - from small house pets to large farm animals.

Quick Feed Automatic Feeder Diagram A

Figure - A





Quick Feed Automatic Feeder Diagram B

Figure - B

Quick Feed Automatic Feeder Diagram C

Figure - C


QUICK FEEDERS must be mounted within a safe, dry, covered area.  DO NOT attempt to make modifications or changes to this product or warranty may be nullified and voided.  

INSTALLATION:  Locate your new feeder close to a 110-volt receptacle for electric power.  Mount feeder on a suitable outer stall wall OUT OF THE ANIMALS REACH  for horses and other grain fed animals.  

See Figures A, B or C for mounting applications for your animal or pet.  Note:  Wall must be solid and sturdy.

Determine a mounting height that allows the PVC pipe to be directed back through the stall wall into the feed bucket as in Figure A  (feed bucket height may need to be lowered to accommodate ease in refilling the QUICK FEED hopper).  

For domestic pets, install feeder according to Figs A, B, or C.  

For all applications locate top center mounting hole on back of hopper and mark wall.  Install screw, hang feeder on single screw, level unit and mark remaining 3 mounting holes.  Install all 4 screws using washers; tighten screws firmly.



Figure A

Typical Outer Stall Installation:  Slip PVC 45° ell (do not glue) over the spout adapter.  Determine where the PVC pipe will penetrate the stall wall and mark.  Cut hole through stall wall .  Insert PVC through hole and into PVC 45° ell.  Mark and cut off excess PVC pipe to correct length. CAUTION:  Do not leave PVC pipe protruding inside stall or feed bucket where the animal can reach it.  Cut flush with inside wall.



Figures B & C

Figures B & C - Direct Drop Installation:  After hanging feeder slip coupler over spout adapter.  Determine length for PVC pipe  and cut to size.  Slip PVC 45 ell over end if desired, slip pipe into coupler.