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Barrel Racing Saddles

Barrel Racing Saddles: Designed with a deeper seat and wide swells allowing the rider to stay put during fast sprints and hard turns. The taller horn provides the rider with more stability and control during tight turns and quick accelerations making it easier to acheive the proper seat.

Differences: Light weight, taller cantel, tall horn, and rounded skirt.

Perfect For: Fast sharp turns.



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Barrel Racing 

Barrel Racing Course

Barrel racing is a rodeo event within which a horse and rider plan to complete a clover-leaf pattern around predetermined barrels within the quickest time. Although each girls and boys vie at the youth level and men vie in some amateur venues, in body and skilled ranks, it's primarily a rodeo event for ladies. It combines the horse's athletic ability and also the acquisition skills of a rider so as to securely and with success maneuver a horse through a trefoil leaf pattern around 3 barrels (typically 3 55 gallon metal or plastic drums) placed in a triangle within the center of an arena.

In regular rodeo events, the aim is to form a run as quick as potential, whereas the time is being clocked either by an electronic eye, (a device employing a optical device system to record times), or by an arena attendant or choose who manually takes the time using the attention and a flag to let a clocker recognize once to hit the timer stop although this last methodology is additional ordinarily seen in native and non-professional events.

The timer begins once horse and rider cross the beginning line, and ends once the barrel pattern has been with success executed and horse and rider cross the line. The rider's time depends on many factors, most ordinarily the horse's physical and mental condition, the rider's skill level, and also the variety of ground or footing (the depth, quality, and content of the dirt or sand within the arena).

History of Barrel Racing originally developed as an event for women. While their husbands roped or rode bulls and broncs, the women barrel raced. Not much is known about the exact dates and details of barrel racing developments. It is believed that Barrel Racing first saw competitive light in the state of Texas.

The Girls Rodeo Association (GRA), instituted in 1949, was the first body of rodeo developed specifically for women. Women were allowed to compete in several events of rodeo. The GRA eventually officially became the WPRA in 1981, and the WPRA still allows women to compete in the various rodeo events as they like, but barrel racing remains the most popular event of competition.


Kay Blandford

Charmayne James

Jackie Dube

Mary Burger

Kelly Kaminski

Kelly Maben

Janet Stover

Fallon Taylor

Sharon Camarillo

Martha Josey

Cheri Cervi

Molly Powell

Kristie Peterson owner of Bozo

Taelor Furry


Current WPRA Pro Tour Leading Ladies

Denise Adams Fea

Kappy Allen

McKenzie Brower

Sherry Cervi

Amanda Clayman

Jackie Dube

Brandie Halls

June Holeman

Kelly Kaminski

Darlene Kasper

Tammy Key

Terri Kaye Kirkland

Sabrina Lay

Jolee Lautaret

Shali Lord

Kelly Maben

Megan McLeod

Rose Miller

Rachael Myllymaki

Liz Pinkston

Molly Powell

Brittany Pozzi

Maegan Reichert

Deb Renger

Paula Seay

Sheri Sinor Estrada

Lizzie Green [Black Bacardie]

Melanie Southard

Janet Stover

Delores Toole

Linda Vick

Barbra West