What is Equine Salt Therapy and How Does it Work?

What is Equine Salt Therapy? 

As a proud horse owner, you know how important it is to keep your equine companion happy and healthy. Whether you long to hit the trails with your equine buddy in tow, compete at the highest levels when the horse show comes to town or just hang out in the back yard, you know that the health and well being of your horse is your number one responsibility, and that means understanding the power of nutrition on a deep scientific level.

In the last couple of years there has been a growing interest in the field of equine salt therapy, a unique form of horse care that harnesses the power of mineral supplements and seeks to address nutritional deficits in a unique and highly effective way.

Equine Salt Therapy -- A Proven Form of Treatment

Even if you are not entirely familiar with the field of equine salt therapy, you probably already understand the basic concept. If you keep your horse at home, you probably buy a salt block or two each year, replacing the enormous block of sodium chloride when it gets too small. Or maybe you hang a smaller salt block in your horse's stall, allowing them to lick away to their heart's content when the temperatures spike and the sweat starts flowing.

Equine salt therapy takes that basic concept quite a few steps further, building on the benefits of salt but applying this life giving substance in a new and innovative way.

Effective Alternative Treatment for Your Riding Companion

Equine salt therapy is a unique form of alternative treatment for horses of all ages. Unlike other forms of conditioning and training, salt therapy is entirely drug free, relying on the healing power of minerals instead on drugs that could have toxic side effects or interfere with your ability to compete on an even playing field.

Salt therapy is also completely natural, with no artificial ingredients to worry about and no allergic reactions to concern horse owners. This form of therapy has been growing in popularity in recent years, embraced by everyone from casual trail riders to serious competitors at the highest levels of their sport.

All Natural and Totally Drug Free

This unique, all natural and totally drug free respiratory therapy may feel new, and it is new to many horse owners. At the same time, dry salt has been used as a human treatment for more than 150 years, so this type of therapy is far from new, and its effectiveness has been proven again and again through anecdotal evidence, studies and many other methods.

In the human world, dry salt has been used to treat respiratory tract problems and skin issues, and many people swear by the effectiveness of the treatments. You may be familiar with a different type of salt therapy in your own life, and the equine version works in much the same way. You may have seen the growing number of salt spas around town, places where athletes, those with respiratory conditions, and others can go to inhale minerals in an effort to improve their overall health and conditioning.

How Does Equine Salt Therapy Work?

By now it should be clear that equine salt therapy contains great promise for horses and their owners, from increases in lung capacity to better conditioning to a superior overall riding experience. Whether you show your horse, ride your horse or just love your horse, equine salt therapy could make the relationship with  your riding companion even more fulfilling.

At the same time you may be having a hard time picturing how equine salt therapy works. While the science behind it is more complicated, you can think of the mechanics as essentially a feed bag filled with a special salt preparation. Your horse simply inhales the salt particles, much as you would if you were to visit one of those trendy Himalayan salt spas. This makes the therapy comfortable for your horse, so you can apply it on your own without the help of a veterinarian or other costly professional.

The Benefits of Equine Salt Therapy

Like your body, your horse's body can also benefit from this type of salt therapy, and that is what equine salt therapy is all about. Whether your horse suffers from ongoing health problems, a lack of conditioning, or anything else, there is a good chance that equine salt therapy can help.

Equine salt therapy may also be able to help your already healthy horse perform better, especially in competitive environments where lung capacity and proper conditioning is a big advantage. From endurance trail riding to show jumping to barrel racing, many top competitors are already using equine salt therapy to prepare their four legged partners for competition.

If you are ready to give your riding partner a competitive edge, or just help them feel a little better, you owe it to them to explore the power of equine salt therapy. Equine salt therapy carries a host of benefits for horses, for riders and for anyone looking for a drug free and all natural alternatives to drugs and other forms of treatment.

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