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Royal King Futurity Brow Bosal/Mecate Set

Customer Reviews

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It is attractive

The hackamore set is attractive, but somewhat lacking in quality. The reins and lead are made out of woven nylon, but the weave is "one over and one under" not like more expensive and higher quality yacht line. It is stiffer than I expected but still very usable.
The headstall is really quite nice and I have no complaint with it at all. The most disappointing thing is that the bosal is not "square." The two ends of the bosal do not come out of the heel knot straight, thus producing a twist in the bosal so that it does not sit even on the face. I have attempted to reshape the bosal, but have not been successful in removing the twist. The bosal has got the proper flex and spring so it is in that respect good. The weave and leather are fine; no complaint there.
There is no spacer in the heel knot of the bosal and the mecate was started with the tail piece placed down through the branches of the bosal at the rear. It was no problem to untie and start with a wrap around the back before inserting the tail of the mecate. You may find the same issue, but it is not really a problem. Other bosals may have a spacer and the wrap would be correct. With the components costing so much elsewhere, this is reasonably priced. It will surely get me by until I decide to upgrade the reins and bosal.

  • Fine quality 5/8” rawhide core show bosal with 1/2” braided nylon cord mecate rein.
  • Show quality headstall highlighted with bright Inca silver trim.
  • Light oil.