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Equine First Aid

Horse First Aid Kits and emergency supplies for horse md's. HorseTackOnline offers EquiMedic USA's complete line of kits from a simple rider's horn bag to a complete barn and stable first aid kit. EquiMedic USA offers you many ways to be best prepared for caring for your horse’s emergency health care needs, through it’s well designed, user friendly, fully outfitted First Aid Kits. These medical kits are rated to service the number of horses that you need to care for, and come in a variety of designs to meet your specific needs. Cruise through equine first aid kits for a kit sized to service the number of horses you own or use, and the kit style to fit your equestrian life style. EquiMedic USA offers kits that cover all of your equestrian first aid needs, including some personal first aid items, especially in the Trail Riding line of kits. Out on the trail is when not only your horse, but you as well, may run into emergency needs, often miles from your trailer, your barn, or the nearest help. All of our equestrian first aid kits will offer at least a few basic personal/rider first aid items.