Great Grip Horse Grooming Package - 8 Piece

Color: Blue
Sale price$54.99


Is it time to replace you horse grooming supplies?  Maybe you are just getting started and you want to get everything all in one shot?  This Great Grip Horse Grooming Package is just what you need.  With seven ergonomically designed grooming items all in a tough nylon tote, you will have everything you need to keep your horse groomed and looking good.   
Package Includes: 
  • Stiff brush 
  •  Finishing brush 
  •  Hoof pick 
  •  Curry
  •  Mane and tail brush
  •  Comb 
  •  Sweat scraper
Note: The color of the tools that come with this package may be a slightly different shade then that of the tote itself.

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