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SFP 410

MightyLite Portable Horse Stall Mat Kits

These amazing mats have interlocking edges and are reversible for extended wear. They carry a full 3 year warranty but we know horses, some as heavy as 1,500 lbs. (700 kg) who have enjoyed the comfort and security of MightyLites since 1997. Those mats still have lots of useful life. MightyLites are 1/4th the weight of bulky and heavy rubber mats. So light that you can take them from the stall, to your trailer, to the show grounds and back again without getting a sore back in the process. They are perfect for trailers when you are trying to save fuel costs. And they make the best grooming mat around. Boarders love MightyLites. They can take them with them if they move to a new stable. The non-slip surface combined with a deep resiliency provides your horse with superior safety and comfort. MightyLites help extend joint and tendon life. They are completely impermeable, unlike rubber, so urine cannot soak into the mat creating odor. MightyLites generally promote better animal health. And in cold climates their R-50 insulation value is 5-10 times higher than rubber. The perfect mat for llamas, alpacas, donkeys and miniatures! MightyLites are thicker than most rubber mats and are also available in 9 piece wall-to-wall kits for standard 12’ x 12’ and 10’ x 10’ stalls. Click Here for Brochure