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Endurance Saddles

Endurance Saddles: Constructed with a comfortable seat for long rides. Small, light weight, and often without a horn, with a tree that spreads out the rider’s weight over the horse’s back. Often built with centerfire rigging to keep the saddle from tipping.

Differences: Small, light weight, many strings for attaching gear.

Perfect For: Longer rides at a higher rate of speed.



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Endurance Saddles

Endurance riding is a horseback riding racing event that covers great distances over tough terrain. These types of races can be very grueling and are designed for the extremely fit equine and riders as well.

There are 2 main kinds of long-distance riding, endurance and competitive horseback riding. In an endurance ride, the first one to cross the finish line is the winner, however, this must be done along with stopping sporadically to pass a veterinary check that deems the animal in good physiological state and fit to continue. Within the US, most endurance rides are either fifty or one hundred miles (160 km) long. Shorter rides, referred to as Limited Distance Competition, are rides organized for brand new riders to the game or young horses in training. There are many longer, sometimes multiple day rides run similarly. Like our marathon runs, several horse and riders participate in order to improve their horse's personal best performance and chances of finishing the distance with a correct vet check record is considered to be a "win".

In the USA, the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) sanctions endurance rides. Endurance GB, in the UK, is the governing body. Winning riders are able to complete 100-mile (160 km) rides in 10–12 hours. Endurance riding takes place world wide and rules vary depending on country.

Any breed is able to compete in endurance riding, however the Arabian usually dominates at the highest levels of endurance riding as a result of the breed's natural endurance skills and stamina.

Shorter endurance rides known as Competitive trail rides consider factors other than speed. Horses are not allowed to come in under or over a specified time. This, along with mandatory veterinary checks, rider assessment and other fators play a role in determining the placings of a horse and rider team. Endurance races can be any distance, although they are rarely over a hundred and sixty kilometer's for a one day event.