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Fabtron Saddles

Fabtron saddles started in 1977 and is located in Maryville, TN. Fabtron promotes and manufactures the best and broadest horse tack product line in the industry. Fabtron continually strives to expand and perfect current offerings with three goals in mind: quality products, competitive prices and great service. Fabtron manufactures all their saddles using up-to-date and top-of-the-line saddle trees built in America and each saddle is designed and built for strength, fit and comfort. Fabtron recognizes that a saddle should not be a one size fits all solution therefore manufactures their saddles with specific characteristics to accommodate a range of styles. Fabtron has many popular saddles including the Trail Roper, Lady Trail, Easy Rider and the Homesteader.



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Fabtron Saddle Trees

Fabtron uses the most current and top-of-the-line saddle trees available. Today's saddle trees offer a new era of design features and construction techniques that affect fit and comfort. Key considerations when buying a new saddle should be fit and comfort and that's why Fabtron saddles are built on the latest designs and best fitting trees available.

Fabtron Saddle Rigging

Balance on the horses back and girth attachment are directly affected by the saddle rigging. The amount of pull on the front and rear of the tree and placement of the can be changed by the rigging position. All saddles should have correct rigging to ride and perform correctly. The following riggings are used by Fabtron to accomplish this:

7/8 Rigged Saddle Tree7/8 Position - 7/8 position rigging is a favorite of all around riders and barrel racers, this rigging sets the dees back under the fenders and stirrup leathers. This positions the saddle more forward on the horse's withers. This allows the rider closer contact with the horse.

Center Fired Rigged Saddle TreeCenter Fired – The hands-down favorite of an endurance rider, due to its balance and cinch pressure.
Double Rigged Saddle TreeDouble Rigged – A favorite of trail riders and widely used by professional riders. The full double rigging allows for position of the rings to be placed directly under the front of the tree. This offers the option of using a flank cinch to achieve a fully rigged cinch of the saddle. This rigging also allows a rider to use a modified center fire position.