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Heart Rate Monitors

Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitoring Systems are safe and have controlled training for years. Polar products are used in the world of riding to maintain your horse's safety throughout competition. The same approach can help you keep your horse safe throughout your weekly or daily rides. By monitoring your horse’s heart rate throughout exercise, you can also get additional information regarding the physical condition of your horse. Heart rate monitoring is easy, and there’s no discomfort to your horse. It’s the best way to keep him healthy and safe, while minimizing injuries and making certain that he’s having a good ride as well.


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You can train your horse simply by calculating your horse's pace. But did you know that there are also different and more efficient ways that can take your training to a whole new level?

Measuring your horse’s heart rate offers you a much more competitive advantage. By following and analyzing speed along with distance and heart rate, you will become more familiar with your horse and  train them so that they cna stay healthy and achieve their very best. In any discipline – whether its for practical purposes, competitive sports or recreational activities – measuring the horse's heart rate has several benefits for the horses owners and the horses.

With a Polar heart rate monitor, you can adjust each activity session to the right level of intensity, which is the most important and efficient ingredient in any training program. Heart rate monitoring is easy, and there is no discomfort to horses. It’s the best way to keep them happy and healthy, and ensure that they, too, enjoy their athletic activities.


Monitor your horse's health and fitness and monitor your horse's vital signs of safety by following the horse's heart rate during and after all types of exercise. This will give you vital information about how your horse is doing. This will also alert you in time if there are any signs of injury, fatigue or illness. You can evaluate stress response to environmental or  travel change. Anytime there are changes in your horse's daily routines -travel, new equipment, new environment, different riders, learning new skills – the horse’s heart rate can become unusually high. Your horses heart rate gives you an idea of how your horse is dealing with the changes so that you can modify their activity as needed.