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Horse Boots

We have boots for horses of every discipline, including bell boots, race boots, splint boots, and horse hoof boots. We provide over one hundred completely different horse boots and wraps. Also, if you think you are ready to travel, we have horse shipping boots too! Hoof shoes and simple boots are nice for comfort of chronic pain and hoof sensitivity , and can also be used for rehabilitation of injuries. Horse Hoof boots are an excellent way to protect your horse’s legs and promote healthy hooves.

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Hoof Guard Boots Save 8%
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Splint Boots Save 8%
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Bell Boots Save 8%
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Paw Be Gone Ankle Bands Save 8%
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Smooth Bell Boots Save 8%
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Tough 1® Hoof Saver Boot Save 8%
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Tough-1 Deluxe Skid Boots Save 8%
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Tough-1 Hoof Guard Save 8%
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Horse Boots

A Hoof Boot is a device made primarily of plastic or rubber designed to cover the hooves of a horse as an alternative to horseshoes or as a protective device when the animal has a foot injury that requires protection of the sole of the foot or the full time application of medication. There are many different designs, but all have the goal of protecting the hoof wall and sole of the horse's foot from hard surfaces, rocks and other difficult terrain.

Hoof boots are most commonly seen as a substiture for horseshoes, either as a backup for a thrown shoe when a farrier is not available, or as a temporary form of additional protection to a barefoot horse that may be subjected to conditions that its unshod feet are not able to handle without damage. Horse boots are particularly popular for trail riding and endurance riding, though are also sometimes seen on horses in parades and on police horses who have to work on hard pavement.

The other major use of horse boots is for veterinary medicine. If a horse has a puncture wound in the foot or a bruise to the sole, the boot provides protection to the wound or injury, increases the cleanliness of the area, and may at times be used to keep a poultice or other medication in contact with the sole of the foot. They are also very useful for protection of the feet of horses who cannot for some reason wear horseshoes, such as a horse that loses a large chunk of the hoof wall due to disease or injury. In some cases, horses with laminitis also respond well to the protection of horse boots while their feet recover.

As a general rule, horse boots are not kept on horses full time, they are put on and taken off as needed. Riding horses have their boots removed daily at the end of the ride, though they may be kept on for a couple of days without harm if properly adjusted and watched carefully for rubs and slippage. In the case of horses with injuries, they may be kept on for longer periods of time, but need to be periodically removed, cleaned, the horse checked for rubbing or unusual abrasions and then the boot may be replaced.