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Grooming Your Horse - The Right Way

by Paul Singh


Hi, Horse Lovers Do you Groom your Horse? Grooming is an Important part of Horse Care Grooming your Horse before and after riding is recommended at least you need to groom your Horse weekly.


So let’s see how to properly groom a Horse?


Secure the Horse


Maybe your Horse is trained to stay still but still before grooming securing him/her is a good way. Because when grooming they have a tendency to move it may harm your horse and you.

Use a quick release knot to tie your horse so that even if he started to run the rope won’t harm him.


Use Curry Combs

Curry Combs

After you made sure your horse is secured and won’t move. Start with Curry Combs to loosen up the mud and dirt that caught on horse’s coat. You can use curry comb everywhere you think that has mud and dirt, it will loosen up them carefully when you carrying the itchy spots.


Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brush

The next step is to clean the Mud and Dirt that loosen up by the curry comb. You can also use a hard brush for this. You can get various type of Brushes from Horse Tack Online.




Use Sponges to wipe the Face and Eyes. If you are grooming more than one Horse doesn’t use the same sponge it may spread the infection. When you wipe the sensitive places like eyes be gentle and slowly wipe those places.



Mane and Tail

Mane and Tail Brush

Brush Mane and Tail using Mane and Tail brush. Carefully Brush these spots hold the Main/Tail with your one hand and brush them with other.



Fly Spray

Fly Spray

Fly can cause serious health problems to Horses. Applying Fly Spray is always recommended after you Groom especially if it is hot or summer




Always Groom your Horse after taking precautions. Don’t stand under the Horse and Groom, Always keep a distance so that if your Horse starts to move or run you can safely move away.



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