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Infrared Heaters


Kalglo Infrared Heaters have rugged metal heating elements. No glass tube or lamps to break and no open flame - fire hazard minimal! They do not remove oxygen from or put moisture into the air as gas heaters do. They emit no visible light nor UV, only pure radiant heat.Overhead hanging style IR heaters from 800W to 2000W for use in heating animals, people, and surfaces. Models available with or without built-in, patented electronic controller and remote IR sensor. Safe, Clean Heat!!


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Infrared Heaters

Benefits and Features

  • Keep your horses warm and comfortable, great for new born foals!
  • Heat the horses, not the air in the whole barn!
  • Dry horses faster in wash stalls - splashing will not damage heating element.
  • Warm show horses during the quick shedding of winter coats using an independent light source.
  • Provide a large radiant heat pattern without visible light.
  • Save wear and tear on costly blankets.
  • Durable metal sheath heating element lasts many years - much better than glass heat lamps!
  • Easy to install.
  • Made in the USA!

Various Models to Choose From

Since there are several models of heaters, controls, and thermostats to choose from, we will attempt to give you an understanding of each, followed by some recommendations to help you choose the right model(s) for your horse barn.

In general, Kalglo stall heaters are 6" wide and 65" long and are available in either 240 volts or 120 volts. They are all aluminum with baked enamel finish in beige (dust doesn't show as much) and they have durable metal sheath heating elements (no glass to break). Each heater comes complete with a 7 ft. cord and plug, hardware, and enough hanging chain to hang the heater 6 1/2 ft. down from the ceiling. In a typical horse stall or wash stall, only one heater is needed and it is usually suspended about 8 ft. above the floor.

Base model heaters, listed below, are either turned on full or off at a wall switch. They are usually used without any controls or thermostats in wash stalls or grooming areas, or wherever the subject is under the heater for less than one hour.

  • Model HS-2420 240 volt, 2000 watts, 8.3 amps - 65" heater without built-in manual heat control
  • Model HS-1215 120 volt, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps - 65" heater without built-in manual heat control

Wall mounted manual intensity controls, listed below, are to be used with base model heaters. A manual intensity control lets you vary the heater output for a low, medium, or high intensity and it also lets you turn the heater off. The manual control does not shut the heater off at a certain air temperature - the heater operates at the intensity you have set until you manually turn it off when the heat is not needed. A medium intensity setting is most common, but for foaling or during severely cold temperatures, the high setting should be used. Manual intensity controls are usually used for the horses in their stalls when they are under the heaters for hours. The wall mounted control is a single gang stainless steel wall plate, with pigtail wires attached and is to be hardwired into an extra deep single gang electrical box feeding the outlet where the heater plugs in (one heater per control).

  • Model PR-2436RS 240 volt, 15 amp hard wired wall mounted intensity control for 1 HS-2420 heater
  • Model PR-1218RS 120 volt, 15 amp hard wired wall mounted intensity control for 1 HS-1215 heater

Manual intensity controls also come built-in to the end of the heaters, listed below. They operate the same as the wall mounted controls. Note: wall mounted controls would not be used with these heater models since the wall mounted controls would be redundant.

  • Model HS-2420RS 240 volt, 2000 watts, 8.3 amps - 65" heater with built-in manual heat control
  • Model HS-1215RS 120 volt, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps - 65" heater with built-in manual heat control

Two models of 0-100 degree range thermostats, listed below, are available to automatically turn the heaters on and off for you. A thermostat should be considered an option only - it is not really needed unless there is no one around to turn the heater off. Thermostats work independently of the heaters and sense the air temperature in the barn, as governed mostly by the outside air temperature, not the radiant heat under the heater. A thermostat should not be positioned within the radiant heat pattern or it will shut the heater off within minutes.

  • Model HTH-1 120 volt or 240 volt, 22 amps, hardwired thermostat - it will handle either (1) 120 volt 65" heater or (2) 240 volt 65" heaters
  • Model HTP-1 120 volt only, 15 amps, portable/plug-in thermostat - it has a 6 ft. cord with a grounded plug for the 120 volt heater, similar to Christmas tree lights.