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Grooming Your Horse - The Right Way

by Paul Singh


Hi, Horse Lovers Do you Groom your Horse? Grooming is an Important part of Horse Care Grooming your Horse before and after riding is recommended at least you need to groom your Horse weekly.


So let’s see how to properly groom a Horse?


Secure the Horse


Maybe your Horse is trained to stay still but still before grooming securing him/her is a good way. Because when grooming they have a tendency to move it may harm your horse and you.

Use a quick release knot to tie your horse so that even if he started to run the rope won’t harm him.


Use Curry Combs

Curry Combs

After you made sure your horse is secured and won’t move. Start with Curry Combs to loosen up the mud and dirt that caught on horse’s coat. You can use curry comb everywhere you think that has mud and dirt, it will loosen up them carefully when you carrying the itchy spots.


Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brush

The next step is to clean the Mud and Dirt that loosen up by the curry comb. You can also use a hard brush for this. You can get various type of Brushes from Horse Tack Online.




Use Sponges to wipe the Face and Eyes. If you are grooming more than one Horse doesn’t use the same sponge it may spread the infection. When you wipe the sensitive places like eyes be gentle and slowly wipe those places.



Mane and Tail

Mane and Tail Brush

Brush Mane and Tail using Mane and Tail brush. Carefully Brush these spots hold the Main/Tail with your one hand and brush them with other.



Fly Spray

Fly Spray

Fly can cause serious health problems to Horses. Applying Fly Spray is always recommended after you Groom especially if it is hot or summer




Always Groom your Horse after taking precautions. Don’t stand under the Horse and Groom, Always keep a distance so that if your Horse starts to move or run you can safely move away.


Our Top 10 Picks For You

by Paul Singh

Top 10 Picks



Hey, Horse Lovers it’s been a while since we posted anything on our Blog. This time we are providing you with the top 10 Products for you to try and review:

  1. 1. Tough One Rope Clamp


Best Rope Clamps Rope Clamps, made of sheet steel. To buy and review Visit here.


       2. Double Bar Buckle


Light body, Nickel plated,3/4 Double Bar Buckle. Visit Here.


     3. Halter Square Hardware


Halter Square constructed of chromed zinc die cast non-rust steel.



   4. White Nylon Tubing per foot


1/4" x .035 White Nylon Tubing per foot.


  5. Billet Tie Down Dee


Heavy, Stainless steel wire dee with rings for rope bosal.


  6. Fold Down Horse Blanket Rack


This fold down horse blanket rack is great for hanging coolers, sheets and blankets. This rack measures 36" in length and is coated in a rust and scratch resistant finish. This rack easily mounts with wood screws and conveniently folds down when not in use. Click here to purchase the item.


  7. Poultry- 1500W Electric Radiant Infrared Heater


"MR" Models have built-in solid state controls with heat sensors for automatic temperature regulation. They can be automatically controlled independently of one another. When the control dial is set for a desired temperature between 40 - 100 degrees F, the heater automatically holds the set temperature at sensor level. The sensor should hang down below the heater just above the animal and be protected, if necessary, by an expanded metal sensor guard mounted on the side or the per or partition.


This model is designed basically for poultry or game birds where the temperature has to be maintained to a close tolerance.



  8. Gate Latch


Heavy galvanized steel gate latch with chain and screw eye.



  9. Plunger Seat


Valve replacement Part



  10. Chromed Halter Buckle


Halter Buckle constructed of non-rust zinc die cast steel and center bar.



These are our top 10 picks for you, feel free to look around the whole site as we carry all products for your horse. Don't forget to add your review/comments.



Abetta Saddle Reviews For 2018

by John Doe

Abetta Saddle Review 

With the year coming to an end and many looking for holiday and gift giving ideas, we thought it might be helpful if we compiled a list of random but useful comments and reviews specifically focused on the Abetta brand saddle. One of our main reasons for our focus on the Abetta saddle for these reviews is that it truly is one of our favorite saddles for our horses & riders.

Please note that the below reviews are general and apply to a variety of Abetta saddles that come in different styles and models. Choosing a saddle is individual and personal, depends on the horse and the rider, so if you aren’t sure, need help with choosing a particular model, type or size, please contact us for help. Satisfaction and customer service is our top priority!

Abetta Saddles Overall Rating:

General Pros: affordable, lightweight, easy care, durable

Some Cons: rigging, straps          

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars


Abetta Saddle Personal & Individual Reviews:

Lori: I needed a lighter saddle to allow my horse to feel comfortable on long rides. Researched this brand and found it met my needs. Very happy.

Joyce: So far so good! My horse has high withers but I put the saddle just behind them and with my weight in the saddle there is still clearance between his back and the saddle. Very pleased with how this saddle fits both myself and my horse.

Grant: I log a lot of miles in the saddle so I like a lightweight saddle. It’s easier for saddling and for my horse to carry. It’s a good buy.

Ellen: I tried several saddles and ended up liking one of the endurance saddles quite well. It seemed to combine the best of both worlds, was lightweight and comfortable.

Annie: My Abetta Classic and special Trail models are great light weight saddles for me (and my poor old body/shoulders), and a good fit for many horses I have tried them on. The Abetta Endurance did have centerfire rigging. It also had quite a different too-wide and squar-ish gullet and angles. It did not fit anything I tried it on.

Walker: The best saddle is the one that fits the horse first, and the rider second! I have ridden bareback most of my life but I also have many saddles - there was always something to fit each of my horses and their riders. Buy something lightweight. Not that the horse can't handle a 32 lb saddle but, the older you get, the more you will come to hate slinging or sliding it up on the horse. But, I personally don't like Abetta because I don't like center fire rigging.

Michelle: The Abetta endurance is the most comfortable saddle! My saddle cost 1/5th the price of my Tucker endurance saddle and beats it in every way. It is light (only 12lbs), comfortable, and grippy. I have lower back issues and my first ride in this saddle felt so much better throughout the ride and after. The saddle is flexible, conforming well to the horse, and enabling the rider to actually feel the horse's movements. I converted the centerfire rigging to take an English girth by ordering a girth converter. My horse is a TWH/Percheron draft with high withers, and the open section across the top of the saddle suited him perfectly. He also wasn't soaked in sweat when I removed it. I loved the velcro straps that keep excess stirrup leather secured. My horse seemed happier, and I was definitely happier.

Lorraine: Lightweight! Love that.

Shelli: The saddle is lightweight making it great for people like myself that can't lift a whole lot of weight. It has a foam padded seat that is pretty comfortable, and is certainly well made, durable, and has great leverage on the stir-ups. It's easy to clean, and holds up to abuse quite well.

Maggie: I have had my saddle for over 20 years and have used it on the trails and endurance rides. It has thousands of miles on it and still in great shape. Have only replaced the off billet and tie strap a few times. These saddles are well built and a great bargain.

Helen: Just got the Endurance saddle and have ridden in it many times now and I love it. Very comfortable and well made. Thrilled about its fit. This is a really nice saddle at a fair price.

Tad: As a trail rider, I have been riding Abetta saddles for quite a few years. Love the ease of care (hose it off) and the light weight. This saddle is very comfy. Once you get past the fact that it is not real leather - tell the tack police to take a hike - this saddle is great. For the money it cannot be beat. I would recommend this saddle for anyone who spends long hours in the saddle. AND it fits my hard to fit horse.


Some of our most popular & best-selling Abetta Saddles:

Description Great Price
Abetta All Around Saddle $370.00
Abetta Endurance Saddle $435.00
Abetta Gaited Saddle $435.00
Abetta Draft Horse Saddle $526.00
Abetta Draft Horse Saddle $500.00
Abetta Serenity Endurance Saddle $474.00

November Winner

by John Doe

Our Monthly giveaway for winner is...

Debra B

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September Winner!

by John Doe

Our giveaways continue!!  Congrats to Debbi P.  she is our September winner.  It's great customers like Debbi that make our jobs worthwhile.  

August Winner!

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LORI T. is our lucky August winner!  Want to see your name here!?  Every purchase qualifies to enter the random drawing. 

And the Winner is....

by John Doe

Victoria L.  is our July Winner of a Weaver Grooming Kit.  Next drawing to be held on September 1st. Be sure to check out how you can be our next winner.


We Did It!

by John Doe

We Did It!

We combined our well-known websites such as BuyTack.com and HorseTack.com and others into one great site…HorseTackOnline.com!


What you may notice and what this means for you:

               • One location for all your horse, ranch, and farm supplies

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A little bit of history!

Buytack.com, our original website, was created in 1997 and has proudly stood the test of time and functionality. Over the years we added many well-known sites such as HorseTack.com, StallMats.com, ManureSpreaders.com, and AbettaSaddles.com, just to name a few, to our collection of websites in order to serve the needs of our customers. Due to loyal customer feedback, and our desire to provide our customers with the latest technology and best possible website shopping experience, we decided to consolidate our websites under one roof…HorseTackOnline.com. We are excited about the changes and the new user experience and would love to hear from you!


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Who's enjoying the warm Christmas weather?

by John Doe

Share your Christmas trail rides with us, we would love to hear how everyone has enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather.  

Christmas Gift Ideas

by John Doe

Happy Holidays to all our equestrian friends.   If you are not quite sure what to get your best friend for Christmas let us show you two awesome items that everyone loves. Both are great values under 50.00.  The first gift item is this awesome Australian Leather Hat.  BC Australian Hats are handmade, very attractive and very comfortable.  Not interested in hats, that's alright, how about a nice Horse Grooming Kit.  Everything needed to pamper the horse in their lives.