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Horse Turnout Blanket Size and Weight Chart

To determine the correct weight turnout blanket for your horse:

 Temperature Range Horses With Natural Coats Horses With Clipped Bodies
50 to 60 Degrees F Sheet Light Blanket (100 Gram Fill)
40 to 50 Degrees F Light Blanket (100 Gram Fill) Light/Medium Blanket(150 - 250 Fill)
30 to 40 Degrees F Light/Medium Blanket(150 - 250 Fill) Medium/Heavy (200 - 300 Fill)
20 to 30 Degrees F Medium/Heavy (200 - 300 Fill) Heavy (300 - 400 Fill) or Medium with a Blanket Liner
Below 20 Degrees F Heavy (300 - 400 Fill) Heavy (300 - 400 Fill) with a Blanket Liner

To determine the correct size turnout blanket for you horse follow the following directions:

You can also estimate the size based on the following: