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Have not received my order.

I have not received the saddle which was ordered & paid for in December 2021. Please check the tracking number & let me know what you find out. My telephone number is: [****]. This is my second request for information. Tom Schaub

Richard Whicker
Works great

Works great, why did I wait?

Good starter saddle

I got this saddle for my daughter for Christmas and when I got it out of the box I was impressed with the detail that was put into it. It will work great for her first saddle. I only gave it four stars because we haven’t put it on the horses yet.

Not as shown in picture

I purchased this saddle and there are several things that I didn't get that are in the picture. The saddle strings on my saddle are cheap and not smooth. The once side is a nice smooth black, the other side is rough, fluffy leather that is brown. All of the leather on my saddle, headstall, reins and breast plate were only stained/colored black where your eyes would see. The inside is unstained/colored and is brown, this includes the fenders. The reins, headstall and breastplate are very stiff leather. They are not even remotely soft. Additionally, the fluffy cover for the horn was basically glued/stuck to the horn so it took a while to get all of the fuzz off of it.

I bought this saddle based on the pictures. I wish I could return it.


Very beautiful work

Beautiful saddle

The only thing I do not love is the horn is huge, I didn’t realize from the pictures it’s more for looks than functional. Very comfy, i asked if they could make a back cinch and they did for small fee, it doesn’t really match the color and it’s to small for the ends to slide into. Otherwise it’s great

Horse Stall Heaters - 2000W Kalglo Infrared Radiant Heaters

Michael T Curran
Well constructed

Tractor vibrations make the insert panels rattle. I used some screen replacement spline to stop the noise.

Excellent. Very Happy.

Great customer service response. They even let me know before I bought that it could take 2 months. It came sooner. I like the under promise but over deliver. They also responded to every email I send within 24 hours. Would happily do business with them again.

Western Leather Barrel Show Pleasure Leather Saddle With Tack Set

Kalglo Thermostats For Infrared Radiant Horse Stall Heaters
Rhonda Bell

The Kaglo stall heaters are a solution to heating a horse in a barn that does not have heat. It focuses the heat on the horse, is infared so it does not create a huge amount of heat and the thermostat controls how hot it can get. It made me feel safer and my able to keep my old horse warm when the temperatures in Wyoming get to be below zero for a few weeks. Unfortunately, my old boy passed and I was unable to use the heater, but it definitely fit the bill and was a great solution for the coldest days.

Automatic Horse and Pet Feeder by Quickfeed
Walter Hoshaw
Works ok. Display is hard to read.

My barn, like most, has dim lighting that makes the feeder time display nearly impossible to read. In the shadows found in stalls necessitates a flashlight, held at an angle, while trying to set it. Otherwise, not a bad feeder.

Brown Endurance Saddle Western Leather Tooled Pleasure Trail Riding With Tack Set

Saddle looks to be very well crafted. Don't want to say to much because really haven't used it yet and that is why I gave it a 4 star instead of 5.

Double Automatic Horse and Pet Feeder by Quickfeed

Got this to set up during weekend trips for 2 horses and so far so good!

Both my horse and I are older and were looking for a light weight saddle not too expensive for our trail rides. This saddle fits us both with enough padding for old bones, comfortable. Love it! Thank you!

Love this; better than expected!

Great product and great company to do business with! Horse Tack Online was wonderful about answering my questions quickly. Tack box was exactly what my daughter needed, and we are very happy with the item!

Great Feed Bin

Convenient and easy to use. Love this thing for my small operation. Only Complaint is the stand is sloppy or wobbly when it's completely full of feed. Could be built better to handle the weight.

Automatic Horse and Pet Feeder by Quickfeed
Whitney Wise
Very easy to use and quality product!

I love this feeder! I work out of town a couple days a week and this feeder gives me peace of mind knowing my horse is getting fed consistently! Super easy to set up!

Works great! Thanks

Automatic Horse and Pet Feeder by Quickfeed
John Neal
Petey’s Feeder

Took about an hour to install . Very easy setting time and feed times. Only been in operation for a week . So far it works perfectly. Johnt

Johnson Hackamore - Small Chain Mouth
genie thornsberry
Hacks more bit

Excellent product took way to long to receive

Horn Bag/Trail Riding First Aid Kit
Amy Wandel
First aid

Great kit with everything you need for an emergency except the prescription medicines

It is attractive

The hackamore set is attractive, but somewhat lacking in quality. The reins and lead are made out of woven nylon, but the weave is "one over and one under" not like more expensive and higher quality yacht line. It is stiffer than I expected but still very usable.
The headstall is really quite nice and I have no complaint with it at all. The most disappointing thing is that the bosal is not "square." The two ends of the bosal do not come out of the heel knot straight, thus producing a twist in the bosal so that it does not sit even on the face. I have attempted to reshape the bosal, but have not been successful in removing the twist. The bosal has got the proper flex and spring so it is in that respect good. The weave and leather are fine; no complaint there.
There is no spacer in the heel knot of the bosal and the mecate was started with the tail piece placed down through the branches of the bosal at the rear. It was no problem to untie and start with a wrap around the back before inserting the tail of the mecate. You may find the same issue, but it is not really a problem. Other bosals may have a spacer and the wrap would be correct. With the components costing so much elsewhere, this is reasonably priced. It will surely get me by until I decide to upgrade the reins and bosal.

Wok very well easy to operate very sturdy

Great customer service!!

Best service and prices! Happy to shop with Charles!! Thank you!