8" Mike Beers Classic - Ported Chain Mouth

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Mike Beers Classic - Ported Chain Mouth Benefits and Features:

  • Mike Beers Classic - Ported Chain Mouth
  • Introducing that blued steel cowboy look.
  • Excellent balance and the leverage needed for serious competition.
  • This mouthpiece adds some tongue relief and a slight amount of palate pressure for a cue to stop.
  • Slightly more bar pressure for harder mouthed horses.

Mike Beers Classic - Ported Chain Mouth Specifications:

  • Bit Style: Curb
  • Bit Stage: Stage D (Expert Neck Reining - Subtle, quick communication)
  • Mouth Type: Chain, Ported
  • Port Height: 1 1/4" Port
  • Endorsed By: Mike Beers
  • Horse Size: Horse

Stage D is about refinement, subtle cues, and quick communication. Characteristics include increased leverage, more sophisticated mouthpieces, and may also incorporate higher ports.



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