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8" Mike Beers - Large Chain Mouth

Mike Beers - Large Chain Mouth Benifits and Features:

  • Designed with excellent balance and the leverage needed for serious competition.
  • The chain mouthpiece is very forgiving and conforms to the horses mouth. Excellent for horses that are high headed when bit pressure is applied.
  • Helps to break a horse at the poll to get the nose in and head down.
  • When in competition, this bit will help lift the shoulders and lower the hind end for stronger turns and powerful stops.
  • 8" Cheeks
  • 5" Mouth

Mike Beers - Large Chain Mouth Specifications:

  • Bit Style: Curb
  • Bit Stage: Stage D (Expert Neck Reining - Subtle, quick communication)
  • Mouth Type: Chain, Large Chain
  • Endorsed By: Mike Beers
  • Horse Size: Horse

Stage D is about refinement, subtle cues, and quick communication. Characteristics include increased leverage, more sophisticated mouthpieces, and may also incorporate higher ports.