ATV Manure Spreader By Fimco

Fimco ATV Manure Spreader - 25 Bushel-MS-25BU The Fimco ATV Manure Spreader is a must have around the barn. A compact and versatile 35 cubic foot box (25 Bushel) can be used conveniently with a tractor, ATV or UTV. The box measures 28" wide, 72" long and 18.5" high. The bed has corrosion resistant floor with a conveyor system that moves the manure to the rear rotary blades. Control levers at the front of the manure spreader allow for easy access to engage the chain driven conveyor. Features: Tongue Extends 33 Inches In Front Of The Box Frame Chain Driven Mechanisms Handy Lever Controls To Engage Chain & Rotary Blades Safety Shields For Ground Drive Mechanisms Corrosion Resistant Bed Floor Width (Overall): 48” Height (Overall): 31” Length (Overall): 9 FT. 9” Box Dimensions: 72”L x 28”W x 18 1/2” H Fimco MS-25BU Manure Spreader Owner's Manual Additional Fimco Literature