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Bad Boy Power Loader

Bad Boy PowerLoader Bad Boy owners, now you can enjoy the awesome convenience of having the loading and transporting capabilities of the PowerLoader on your machine. The PowerLoader is the only loading and transporting device available to make the Bad Boy a true hunting vehicle. Getting to and from a hunting location is important, but having a means of handling a trophy animal is a must! Load big game without physically picking up one pound! Load firewood, tool-boxes, ice-chests, sacks of feed or seed, bales of hay, building materials, fence posts-you name it! Turn 2 and 3-man jobs into routine, single-handed tasks. The PowerLoader will even enable you to do chores that you thought you were no longer capable of handling. Don't let your age, strength or circumstances stop you from enjoying the outdoors - from getting the job done and enjoying the satisfaction of doing the things you used to and still want to do. Get the full benefit of your investment in your UTV with the amazing PowerLoader! The PowerLoader is powered by either a factory-installed or an after-market winch. (Winch NOT INCLUDED - We recommend at least a 2000 lb unit for maximum performance). At the push of a button, the patented telescopic lifting arms of the PowerLoader retract and curl in seconds to eliminate leverage-moving loads of up to 350 lbs from ground level to "Locked and Loaded" - ready for transport. The PowerLoader is constructed of super-tough, aircraft aluminum and adds on 29 lbs to the weight of the vehicle. Powered by a regular winch, the PowerLoader installs on any regular 4-wheeled ATV, golf cart vehicle or outdoor utility vehicle in just minutes and comes with a rock-solid one year warranty. FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING (Winch not included)