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GPF A6000 & GPF A162

BigSpring Automatic Waterer by Miraco

BigSpring Automatic Waterer by Miraco Miraco BIGspring Livestock Waterers are specifically designed for beef and dairy cattle. These large-capacity systems fit most cattle needs and are the preferred choice of cattle and dairy producers. All BIGspring waterers have a 5-year warranty. Features • One-piece body polyethylene construction • No sharp edges • Tough “Rockite” material, high-impact resistance • Rugged construction stands up to livestock abuse – resists corrosion, no chipping or cracking • 5 year warranty • 2" to 3" (5 cm to 8 cm) urethane insulation • Rubber gaskets for air-tight seal • Molded base unit anchors (stainless steel bolts included) • Sloped bottom for easy cleaning • Sealed bottoms • Multiple access panels for easy access • Preferred choice of cattle and dairy producers • Water spray for attracting new cattle to water. • 3" drain hole with rubber plug for rapid cleaning. • Removable dome for easy access to valve area. • Spring-loaded clips - no wrenches required. • Rubber gasket for air-tight dome seal. • End panel access. • Can be constant flow at 30 or 60 gallon level. • Available with heater (A162 - order separately). • Stainless steel anchor bolts Included. No. A6000