Ceefit Horse Health and Training Monitor Girth Clip

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Discover the second generation of monitoring tools for horse health and training.
Seaver has developed a smaller sensor, more convenient to clip onto the girth, for everyday use.

Small, easy to clip on and adaptable to all girths thanks to its silicone clip, Ceefit will accompany you in your daily trainings. With this sensor, you'll benefit from Seaver's features:

  • Symmetry in trot to anticipate lameness and act before it's too late.
  • Jump data such as height, angle and amplitude, cadence in approach, push, shift and more, to analyze your courses down to the last detail.
  • Video analysis to relive your course with precision
  • The speed to objectively work on your rhythm
  • The GPS track to follow your outdoor trainings
  • Training exercises to help you progress when you ride alone
  • Shock and water resistant
  • Two years warranty
For each gait:
Left/right analysis in percentage
Time spent at each gait

For jumping:
Measure the effort of your horse over jumps and gain in efficiency
. Height
. Reach & dish
. Angle of attack
. Cadence in approach
. Push
. Take off speed
. Shift in jump
. Energy absorbed at landing
. Hindlimbs push symmetry

Turn your trail rides into real training sessions!

Track your trail rides by combining gait allocation, cardio effort zones and speed. 

Set goals and achieve them with our riding exercises designed by professional riders.

Choose from cardio, jumping, flatwork, lunging, ground work and eventing.

Follow your horse's performance in real time

Available on your SmartWatch*, you can now start and stop your training session, follow the data of your choice such as heart rate, stress level or trot symmetry. Receive personalized alerts to better balance and adapt your training sessions in real-time. 


Inertial unit, bluetooth low energy (BLE), wireless charging


2 weeks of standby time and 25 hours of training


40 grams

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