Dry Material Spreader By Fimco

Fimco Pull Behind Dry Material Spreader DMS-TR-12V-2.253 Perfect for spreading seed, dry granular materials (fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides), and ice melting materials, the spreader’s variable speed 12 Volt motor allows you to vary the spread width from 5 to 45 feet. Easily cover sidewalks or parking lots with ice melt material or spread fertilizer over odd-shaped sections of lawn. An adjustable slide gate controls the amount of material thrown – open or close with the turn of a handle. The spreader features a 2.2 cubic foot poly hopper, 12 Volt motor with variable speed control, and stainless steel radial 6-blade fan. The frame and mounting brackets are constructed from steel. Holds up to 145 lbs. of potash or 99 lbs. of urea. Includes spreader, controller, wiring harness, mounting brackets, and hardware. FEATURES: 2.2 Cubic Foot Poly Hopper 12 Volt Motor With Variable Speed Control (VSC-10) & On/Off Switch Stainless Steel Radial 6-Blade Fan Holds Up To 145 Lbs Of Potash Or 99 Lbs of Urea APPROVED FOR: Fertilizer, Seed, Bait, Granular Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Pellets, Ice Melting Pellets Fimco DMS-TR-12V-2.2 Dry Material Spreader Literature