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REP AD3012

DVD - Sharon Camarillo Performance Horsemanship Series - Volume 2

Developmental Skills for Balanced Riding and Performance / Problem Specific Corrections. This Sharon Camarillo DVD shows Sharon demonstrating how many of the resistances we see in barrel horses are actually related to the lack of balance or physical strength to complete the task requested, such as sharp turns at a high rate of speed. The goal with these clinic exercises is to provide options for creating skills required in a run without repeat pattern work. A variety of maneuvers designed to create impulsion and collection are demonstrated. The skills are universal to traditional foundation horsemanship and help in breaking down appropriate maneuvers that apply to the approach, rate, and turn in the barrel pattern. This DVD may cover specific problems that you may encounter during any part of the barrel pattern. Learn how to identify and correct problems utilizing skill exercises and see how easy it is to correct the issues and improve your success.