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MightyLite Portable Stall Mats, Kits, and Accessories

Have you been looking for a new mat for your horse’s stable stall?  Maybe you need a portable stall mat to take with you to show or rodeos?  If so, then MightyLite portable horse stall mats are the perfect solution for you.  These lightweight and portable horse stall mats come in 48”x36”x7/8” sections that only weigh 12 pounds.  This is possible because MightyLite mats are made of EVA - a space age, dense closed cell foam.  In addition, these amazing mats have interlocking edges and are reversible for extended wear.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the mats carry a full 5-year warranty.  However, we feel the warranty will not be necessary since we know horses who have enjoyed the comfort and security of MightyLite portable stall mats since 1997.  Those mats still have a lot life left in them too.

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  • Individual Pieces - 48" Long x 36" Wide x 7/8" Thick
  • Mighty Lite 24" Beveled Edge Strips - Set of Two - 4" x 24" x 7/8" Beveled Edge Pieces Tapered edges reduce tripping hazard. Transitions to different floor heights. They extend the floor mats 3" on any side to which they are connected.
  • Mighty Lite Beveled Corners - Four Corner Pieces with tapered edges to reduce tripping hazards or to make transitions to different floor heights. After interlocking, they extend the floor mats 3" on any side to which they are connected
  • Mighty Lite 10' x 10' Stall Kit
  • Mighty Lite 12' x 12' Stall Kit

MightyLite Mats Are Perfect for Shows & Rodeos

These lightweight stall mats are a quarter the weight of bulky and heavy rubber mats.  This means that they are so light that you can take them from the stall, to your trailer, to the show grounds and back again without getting a sore back in the process.  Due to the low weight you will also save on fuel costs since you will not be hauling as much weight.  In addition, these mats will not stink since they are completely impermeable making it impossible for the urine to soak in.

Why Boarders Love Portable Stall Mats

It’s simple when you must move your horse to a new boarding stable you just pull them up and move them with your horse.  Not to mention that while your horse is at the boarding stable, the non-slip surface combined with a deep resiliency provides your horse with superior safety and comfort.  Oh yeah, this also will help extend joint and tendon life.

MightyLite Portable Floor Mats Keep Your Horse Warmer

Since these mats have a R-50 insulation value, which is 5-10 times higher than rubber, your hose will stay warmer on those cold days.  Heat from your horse will have a harder time leaching into the cold ground when you horse takes a much needed break and lays down.

Benefits and Features:

  • Free shipping in the continental United States
  • Full 5-Year Warranty
  • Thicker than most rubber mats
  • A quarter the weight of rubber mats
  • Can easily take them with you if you move your horse’s stable
  • Make a great grooming mat
  • Non-Slip surface
  • Extends joint and tendon life
  • Completely impermeable – urine cannot soak into the mat
  • R-50 insulation value