MiraFount Four Lid Hog Automatic Waterer by Miraco

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MiraFount Four Lid Hog Automatic Waterer by Miraco Water from the ground is normally around 42° to 52° F. When water enters a Miraco MiraFount waterer, the closures float up and seal off the drinking ports creating a thermos for livestock. Whenever an animal drinks, it removes a quantity of water which is immediately replaced by ground-temperature water through a valve. This exchange of water keeps the water warm even in the coldest climates, and cool in warm climates. A minimum of 20 head of livestock will keep the MiraFount frost free all winter. All MiraFount waterers have a 5-year warranty. Features: Polyethylene construction. Smooth rounded edges for safety. Durable construction stands up to livestock abuse. Corrosion-resistant. Extra insulation above the valve area. Removable dome for quick and easy access to valve area. 2" to 3" urethane insulation. Molded base unit anchors. Sealed bottoms. Sloped bottoms for easier cleaning – a MiraFount exclusive. 5-year warranty. Patented underside lid seal for energy-free watering. Easy access to valve area. Low drinking-height profile for small pigs. Large 10" openings to accommodate Market Hogs and Sows. Seamless sidewall construction. Stainless steel anchors and stainless steel bolts included. Cool water relieves heat stress on hot days. Two large drain holes with rubber plugs for easy cleaning. Stainless steel anchor bolts included. No. A3410-4

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