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Pine Ridge Mule Trail Saddle

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The Pine Ridge Mule Trail Saddle was designed to properly fit typical mule conformation with choice of a medium or wide fit. Mules are favored for their smarts on the trail, so let us help you properly saddle fit him so he’s comfortable mile after mile.

Pine Ridge Mule Trail Saddle Benefits and Features:

  • Additional dees for breeching or to tie your gear
  • A reinforced crupper dee make this saddle an ideal choice for your next long ride
  • An A-fork swell with a 5″ cantle
  • Semi-round skirt shape
  • Apache leather seating on brown and golden colors
  • Black grainout seating on black saddles
  • Tucker’s patented Gel-Cush™ Shock Absorbing seat gives hours of Ultimate Trail Comfort
  • Your mules’s comfort is just as important as your own, so the Pine Ridge is available in two tree fits. These are our general guidelines.
    • Mule Medium: fits most mules that are of average build with a defined wither and typical flatter back conformation
    • Mule Wide: fits most mules with a round, or mutton wither, and of foundation build and typical flatter back conformation
  • Available in smooth finish for easy care or classy border tooled in deep brown, rich black, or warm golden finishes.
  • Adjustable position close contact in-skirt rigging is standard and lets you choose from 3 rigging positions to best suit your horse and is paired with Western Rear Rigging to use an optional rear flank cinch.
  • Western fenders with EBS, Ergobalance, leather laced stirrups to reduce joint fatigue and promote balanced riding.
  • Three sets of saddle strings for tying gear.
  • Choose from chrome or brass hardware that will resist rust and corrosion.
  • Double breast collar dees let you place the breast collar in an optimal position.

Pine Ridge Mule Trail Saddle Specifications:

  • Tree: A-Fork Mule
  • Skirt: 26” Semi Round
  • Horn Height: 3″
  • Cantle: 5”
  • Swell: 9”
  • Weight: 25 lbs.