Small Manure Spreader - The Estate “Mighty” by CMI

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The Estate “Mighty” small Manure Spreader (Model 600) by Country Manufacturing may just be the best deal you will ever find on a new spreader.  This small manure spreader is designed to be pulled by an ATV, UTV, or small tractor.  In fact, just about anything with a 10 horsepower or larger motor can pull this spreader with ease.  The ease with which this small manure spreader can be pulled makes it perfect for homesteaders and hobby farmers or small horse farms.  However, it’s uses is not limited to horses since the Mighty Spreader was designed to spread alpaca, llama, and sheep manure as well and you can leave it mixed with hay and straw.

The small size of this small spreader at only 46 inches wide makes it easy to maneuver in the tighter areas of small farms or even in your barn.  It can be pulled right down the aisle or backed down the stall and the manure can be mucked directly into the spreader.  Moreover, unlike steel beds in most spreaders, the treated lumber bed will not rust out and is warrantied against rot with a 25-year free replacement policy.

In addition, this spreader does not require a power take off when it is being pulled or any type of external power source.  This is because the drag chain is ground driven by one wheel while the other wheel drives the rear beater.  There is also a 2 speed drag chain adjustment on this spreader that will allow you to completely empty it within 100 to 150 yards. 

Model 600 Estate Mighty Small Manure Spreader Features

  • Can be pulled by an ATV, UTV, and Tractors With at least a 10-horsepower engine
  • Ground wheel driven - #55 link chain for reliability.
  • No differential required. Drag chain ratchet driven by one wheel while rear beater is driven by opposite wheel.
  • All structural members are hot rolled steel enclosing the treated lumber.
  • High strength steel gears in conjunction with cast iron sprockets and link chain provide extra strength where needed.
  • Standard V belt and pulleys provide final drive speed for the beater.
  • Outside wheel width is 46 inches to provide maneuverability
  • 6ft long x 2.5ft wide x 1.5ft high load bed allows for big loads.
  • High flotation 16 OD tires provide traction.
  • Approximate weight 350lbs

Model 600 Estate Mighty Operators Manual

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