UTV Boomless Sprayer Kits By Great Day

Receiver Size: 2.00"
Sale price$179.99


Great Day Plot-Pro™ UTV Boomless Sprayer Kits The UTV Boomless Sprayer Kit is a revolutionary solution to small-scale spraying! No more awkward spray booms to interfere with close spraying jobs such as food plots and orchards. Mounts easily into an existing UTV hitch. It also works well with all popular brands golf cart-type vehicles. The boomless spray tip assembly is compact and out of harm’s way at all times. When mounted 30 to 36 inches above ground level, the Plot Pro™ Boom-less Sprayer will deliver a uniform spray swath and provide a tremendous savings by eliminating the cost of a boom. Ideal for spraying lawns, orchards, food-plots, shrubs and other open areas. A convenient in-line cut-off valve is included for quick changes from sprayer to hand wand. The Boomless Sprayer Kit can be added to any brand of conventional small-scale sprayer. Features: Can be added to any Brand Sprayer Mounts to most UTV, and Golf Cart's 15 or 25 Foot Spray Coverage Tip In-Line Cut Off Valve Receiver Bar Long J-Bar Nozzle Hose Does Not Include Tank or Pump Model: PLP900-UTV-125 (15 Foot Coverage w/1.25" Receiver) Model: PLP900-UTV-200 (15 Foot Coverage w/2.00" Receiver) Model: PLP925-UTV-125 (25 Foot Coverage w/1.25" Receiver) Model: PLP925-UTV-200 (25 Foot Coverage w/2.00" Receiver)

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