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AC 12450AS

VIP Pad by Billy Cook Saddlery

Visco Impact Protection Triple Layer Pad by Billy Cook Saddlery The new VIP Deluxe saddle pad features 3 layers of the best cushion materials available working together to protect the horse's back and spine. The center layer is VISCO MEMORY FOAM developed for NASA for use in the USA Space Program. Temperature smart, it instantly responds to body heat and movement, reshaping to evenly distribute body weight and ease pressure points on the back and spine reducing saddle sores. When the pressure is removed, it rebounds to its original shape. Top Layer - Heavy 100% WOOL SADDLE BLANKET with oil tanned wear leathers Center Layer - ½" impact-resistant VISCO MEMORY FOAM eases pressure points on the back and spine Bottom Layer - ¾" ORTHOPEDIC GRADE SADDLE FELT absorbs shock and wicks away moisture keeping the back dryer and cooler Sizes: 32" x 34" or 34" x 36" Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Fluorescent Lime, Fluorescent Pink, Turquoise or Assorted No. 12450