Western Trail Competition Package

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Western Trail COMPETITION PACKAGE Includes all the components of the Essentials Package: The Rope Gate, Rope, Bridge and Mail Box. We add 2 pair of Flower Boxes W/Flowers, 1 Water Box W/Mat, 1 (Set of 12) Riser Blocks, Twelve 12' Ground Rails and Four 6' Ground Rails. Great package for competition but if your course needs to be larger, add Trail Cones, additional Riser Blocks, Flower Boxes or as many Ground Rails needed to complete your course. DIMENSIONS: 772CP - COMPETITION PACKAGE Contains: 1 - ROPE GATE (PR) 1 - ROPE 1 - BRIDGE 1 - MAIL BOX 2 - PAIR FLOWER BOXES W/FLOWERS 1 - WATER BOX W/MAT 1 - RISER BLOCKS (SET OF 12) 12 - 12' GROUND RAILS 4 - 6' GROUND RAILS

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