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- Why Choose An Abetta Horse Saddle -

Where The Abetta Saddle Is Made & Its History

Abetta saddles are made in the USA. First introduced in 1994, the Abetta saddle revolutionizing the horse and saddle industry with its synthetic, durable, lightweight, washable and very affordable design. This new design of horse saddle sold over 18,000 in its first year. It is easily still one of our best-selling saddles today!

Abetta Saddle Warranty

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the craftsmanship and a 5-year warranty on the saddle
tree. Contact us if you need help with contacting the manufacturer for your warranty issues. We are an
authorized re-seller of all things Abetta.

More about the materials and how the Abetta saddle is made:

A 1000 denier nylon, which is extremely durable is used to cover the Abetta saddles. Abetta is the only maker that uses enclosed cell-foam in the making of their synthetic saddle. Because Abetta saddles use a closed-cell foam and 3-layer lamination of nylon, the saddle will not absorb water. You will never have to worry about crossing creeks, getting caught in the rain, and even your kids dragging their saddle through the mud due to the closed-cell foam and the denier nylon protection. This protection ensures that the saddle is less vulnerable to bacteria and germs, therefore, providing even more protection for your horse.

The Abetta trail saddles are made on a genuine Ralide saddle tree. Over 50% of all saddles built the USA are built on Ralide saddle trees. Ralide trees are formed using an injection process and a metal reinforced horn which ensures absolute consistency. Ralide saddle trees are very durable. The Abetta endurance saddles also consist of a one-piece rigging, others go slightly below the jockey and bolt the rigging to the tree, and then stops there. Abetta saddles take a nylon strap fully over the tree. Although it is one piece, Abetta continues to bolt the rigging into the tree. The rigging dees are made of stainless steel.

Acu-Suede covers the Abetta saddle’s seat, causing it to never smooth out and retain its look and feel of suede indefinitely. There is leather in four places on the Abetta saddle. The horn is wrapped in leather, rosettes are made of leather, and the nylon rigging is lined with leather to make sure it does not bunch up or slip, and then the stirrup leathers are lined for strength and resistance to abrasions.

The Abetta saddle is lightweight enough for a small woman or even a child to handle, also contributing to the comfort of your horse. The Abetta saddle is a very inexpensive, nice looking, long lasting, extremely easy to care for, comfortable saddle and yet still has a high-end custom tailored look. We know you will enjoy your Abetta saddle for many years to come.

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