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Stall Mats

Rubber Stall mats can be used for almost anything. They are offered in a variety of types to accommodate your needs. These include, Interlocking horse stall mats, custom stall flooring, 4x6 foot straight-edge horse stall mats, portable horse mats and many more. Horsetackonline.com offers a complete line of rubber stall mats for horse barns and horse stalls. Horse stall mats can be used in outdoor areas, trailers, wash bays, and aisle ways. We have been providing excellent customer service since 1997 and have very competitive pricing and fast shipping times on all of our horse stall mats. Please contact our customer service department if you need custom pricing, free samples or help on deciding which one is best for you.


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Stall Mats and Rubber Flooring Information

Protector Stall Mats... The Mat That Started It All

The industry standard for stall matting. The one that started it all. The one used in over 3/4's of America's veterinary hospitals. The one used for the Olympic Games and many of the World's most prestigious shows. Accept no substitute. Now with improved traction.

Until Summit brought Protector rubber stall mats to the market over 20 years ago, horse owners had to buy a cow mattress, or a conveyor belt, or a lower quality urethane bound mat, or mats with shards of metal or tire cord. Protector was the first mat that met Summit's exacting standards for a contaminant free, flat laying mat with just the right amount of cushion for equine comfort and safety. Since then over 1 million Protector Stall Mats, many in service 15 or more years, are the hallmark for the industry, the mat to which all others are compared.

Protectors now have an improved traction pattern for the surface giving your horse more security. The roto etched top is more resistant to liquids pooling or freezing in cold weather. The benefits of owning Protector rubber stall mats are many:

  • Cut stall cleaning time
  • Guaranteed not to curl or tear
  • Reduce airborne dust 
  • Provide excellent cushioning for animal comfort 
  • Reduce the risk of thrush by eliminating bacteria-laden wet spots 
  • Save on bedding expenditures 
  • Protectors often pay for themselves in the first year
  • Easy to install, and once in place won't move or shift

ProtectorLok Mats

Nearly 7 in 10 Summit customers are making the move to interlocking stall mats. Now have a virtually one piece floor. With Summit's finishing kit you can go wall-to-wall in a 12' x 12, 10' x 12' or 10' x 10' stall. Nobody else gives you such coverage at such an affordable price.

Since 1985, Protector Mats have been the recognized leader in heavy duty matting for large and small animals alike. Ten years later we brought the interlocking Mighty Lite Mat to market for those people wanting the convenience and portability of light weight mats. Indeed, the market was ripe for "lightweight" mats, but as the response from the public clearly showed, "interlocking capability" was a smash hit, too.

ProtectorLoks were brought to market in early 1997, and their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. The reasons are clear. Because the interlocks fit very tightly (a hammer is usually required to knock them together), the amount of water or urine that can seep through a seam is absolutely minimized. While interlocks provide a “virtual one-piece” stall floor, the individual mats, weighing 100 pounds each, can be adequately handled by one or two people, where larger pieces or rolls of rubber can be extremely difficult to handle. Interlocked mats can be laid well within the walls of a stall and do not have to be trimmed to fit wall-to-wall, as may be needed with straight-edged mats. Interlocked mats don’t shift or separate, and horses can’t get them up. Their ease of assembly and use appeals to many people who don’t trust their “handyman skills.” Use ProtectorLoks to build a complete aisle floor. Flip them over and use them as a pad around a phantom mare. They won’t shift, and the grooves will give the stallion greater traction.

Use ProtectorLoks in shoeing areas, grooming areas, wash racks, run-in sheds or you name it. They hold themselves in place and don’t need surrounding walls to contain them. Take a closer look at ProtectorLoks. They might be exactly what you’re looking for. Size: 47" x 71" x .725 "

Mighty Lite Mats

Only Summit has a 12 pound stall mat! That's right. The amazing Mighty Lite is the easiest mat on the market. Choose from Black, Hunter Green or Terra Cotta. All Mighty Lites have interlocking edges that snap together in minutes. Space age polymers for the best value in portability and comfort for your champion.

Space age technology has made these polymer mats the fastest growing floor in the industry. At only 12 pounds each you can snap a floor together in minutes. Use them at show grounds, grooming areas, in trailers and in most cases right in your stalls. They're as tough as they are light. Reversible too.

9 piece pre-cut wall-to-wall kits for 12' x 12' and 10' x 10' stalls! (black only)

Mighty Lites, at just 36" x 48", can be delivered to your door by UPS

Winner's Circle Mats

When you need the ultimate in slip prevention, get a Winner's Circle. No wash rack should be without. Perfect in muddy entry ways or wherever you have turf loss. Safest way to ramp a trailer.

Made from a blend of recycled and virgin rubber, Winner’s Circle flooring is a premium quality product through-and-through. It is the most resilient item in Summit’s line of rubber flooring materials, and as such, it has our highest rating for comfort. When spending long hours in a grooming area this feature is as valuable for you as for the animal, perhaps more so.

Winner’s Circle flooring is built to permit fast drainage of surface liquids while maximizing safe footing, particularly in washracks, grooming areas and cross-ties. To this end, Winner’s Circle’s bottom side is held off the subsurface by hundreds of small rubber pegs. Liquids drain quickly off the surface of the flooring and then proceed to the drain in the subfloor. It is the natural flexibility of these rubber pegs which gives the Winner’s Circle its excellent resilience and comfort.

In an uncommon use of its design features, you may choose to use Winner’s Circle as a pathway covering over dirt or grass. During rainy spells, Winner’s Circle will keep you out of the mud, and it will protect the roots of grass so that bald spots will not develop in the path. The healthy root system of the grass will maintain soil integrity. In many instances, you will be able to mow over the grass that grows through the matting and scarcely be able to tell that Winner’s Circle is present.

Size 1 meter (39.3") x 1.5 meters (59") x 7/8"

Humane Mfg. LokTuff Interlocking Mats

Humane Rubber Stall mats are guaranteed for 12 years. Humane rubber mats do not curl up and cause you to hit the edge every time you muck out your stalls. When the rubber mats are installed correctly there are no gaps for debris to get in and to start the unraveling process many other mats have. Why buy inferior products? Humane has been around for decades. You will love our Humane mats for longer. When safety and contentment of your valuable pets or livestock are high on your list of priorities and you desire an easy method to keep stalls clean, you can't afford to be without the benefits of Humane stall mats. Humane mats keep the dust down in your barn or holding area. Mats interlock for a longer lasting and uniform fit.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides more animal comfort
  • Resilient, cushion comfort
  • Textured surface provides traction
  • Totally non-absorbent 
  • Reduces bedding cost 
  • Reduces pet or herd injuries
  • Reduces daily bedding manure volume
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Insulates against cold and damp
  • Flat bottom finish (no grooves to promote bacteria growth)