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The Super Skamper Ramp


Have a pet larger the 45 lbs? Then the Super Skamper Ramp is the product for you! The product provides the perfect escape ramp in the event that a pet falls into your pool or spa. Your pet can scamper up the perforated ramp to safety! This ramp is easily installed on the side of your pool, dock, or boat.

Simply keep ramp tied it to the side of your pool (hardware and rope included). The lightweight, ribbed plastic ramp floats atop the water until needed. The ramp also simply flips out of the water when not needed. The Super Skamper-Ramp is made from 8mm, chemical- and UV-resistant, recyclable, box-corrugated, PP (polypropylene). For this reason the ramp will not yellow over time or allow barnacles or algae to grow on it.

The ramp comes complete with nylon rope, nuts, bolts, and wing strips. Also includes complete with installation instructions. Not recommended for soft-sided-vinyl, above-ground, non-permanent structures. Works with pets up to 200 lbs.

Super Skamper Ramp, assembled - 42" x 13" x 6.5

  • Green!! Because it is recyclable, and eco-friendy
  • Chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant (can be installed in pools, oceans, lakes, and out in pure sunshine, or in freezing cold),
  • Light and robust (has a very high weight-to-strength ratio, meaning that a very light piece of plastic can hold a few magnitudes times its own weight)
  • Rugged and unbreakable (it may bend and not look so pretty, but it won't break, and is viable for other animals even after bending under as large one)
  • 1-year warranty against product manufacturer defect (this does not include problems due to improper installation).
  • Will work for most any size pet or animal, even up to 200 lbsBlown molded polyethylene.
  • Will hold up to 200 pounds.
  • Will not yellow.
  • Will not grow barnacles.

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