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Trailer Products


The 18 gallon upright water caddy is the perfect those trailers that require a smaller "foot-print". It features two shut-off valves that will allow for multiple applications, simply place a bucket under the upper valve and/or attach a hose to the lower valve. 18 gallon capacity.



The 25 Gallon Slant Load/Upright Water caddy fits easily in the corner of your walk-in-tack room utilizing any "dead space" you may have. It also features a fill hole that has a vent at the top of the tank for easy filling. A shut off valve is located at the bottom the the tank to hook your hose to for filling water buckets. There is an optional stand (SL-STD) that will place the tank higher for easier access to the compartment for out-of-the-way storage of your hose and for the shut off valve.



The Hay Rack Water Caddy is tapered in the front for aerodynamics. It includes a 12' hose with a ball valve to fill from the ground and two mounting straps to help secure to your hayrack. Although, it is still highly recommended that you secure water caddies with tie down ratchet straps (not included) to prevent side to side movement while moving.



This Round Barrel Water Caddy is a great new way to haul water in your horse Trailer, or on the back of your pick-up truck. It can also be used for camping, construction sites, horse camps, or anywhere you need water storage.


$129.99 $90.99

This Lay Down Water caddy can easily fit on either side of gooseneck. Its translucent plastic enables you to see water level in the tank. It includes a shut off valve. This is a  great new way to haul water in your horse trailers, or in the back of your pick up truck. It can be great for camping, construction sites, horse camps, or just anywhere you need water storage.


The Pick Up Bed Water Caddy is an innovative way to haul up to 63 gallons of water in your pick-up truck and still allowing for easy hook-up to a gooseneck trailer.This caddy is designed to be positioned at the front or back of a fender well with easy and convenient access to water fill caps located on both sides. There are four built in cup holders to hold sprays or drinks. The Pick Up Bed Water Caddy incorporates a center storage area with a lid for storage of additional items. Weight: 55.0 lbs.


$83.88 $61.81
Tough-1 Adjustable Trailer Tie

$14.63 $13.50

Adjustable Nylon Trailer Tie. Constructed with heavy 1" nylon material. Features a chromed steel bull snap, panic snap and slide adjustment.

$96.88 $71.11
Tough-1 Bungee Trailer Tie

$12.97 $11.97
Coiled Cable Trailer Tie

$12.19 $11.25

Versitile tie down.  Constructed with heavy 5/8" cotton rope with chromed steel bull snap and a 2" ring.



Built for stock and horse trailers. It is a great space saving product. It has a 2-in-1 caddy-water tank with a saddle rack. Saddle rack will hold  two saddles. Translucent plastic also allow you to see water level in the tank.



All-in-one adjustable length strap attached to a heavy duty elastic cord system includes everything you need to tether your horse to the HiTie™ Arm. Bridle clip on one end, hook and loop system on the other end. Designed to break free under heavy stress for horse safety. Black only.



The heavy-duty D-Ring Pin and Safety Clip keeps the HiTie™ Arm securely in place when in use or stowed for travel or storage. The HiTie™ System includes one D-Ring and safety clip Order as a spare or replacement.


The HiTie™ was developed to provide a more comfortable and safe alternative to trailer tying and portable corrals. The HiTie™ gives horses free...

$9.26 $8.55
Heavy, 1" nylon web with chromed steel spring snap and panic snap. Size: 1" x 24" Colors: Assorted, Black, Blue, Hunter Green or Red No. 23421


Nylon Web Trailer Tie with spring snap and panic snap.  Constructed of heavy 1" nylon material.

$12.68 $11.70

Rope Trailer Tie.  Constructed of heavy, 5/8" nylon rope with chromed steel bull snap and panic snap.

$21.22 $19.58

Strong braided poly 5/8" rope with bungee cord running inside the entire length of the trailer tie. Brilliant brass finish bolt snap on one end and quick release panic snap on the other end. 24" long.


This stand is for the SL-25 slant/upright water caddy, It features a convenient storage compartment.



Strap and Hardware Kit for the 25 Gallon upright water caddy.



2-part system allows use of a standard lead rope (not included) instead of the Bungee Tether to secure your horse to the HiTie™ Arm. "The Clip" - heavy-duty all metal construction. Spring clip on one end, eye, guide and adjustable tensioner for fastening a lead rope on the other end.



"The Clip" Strap connects 'The Clip" to the HiTie Arm. Heavy duty webbing contruction with a hook and loop fastening system. Reduces wear and stops rattling noises by eliminationg metal-on-metal contact. Provides break protection for horse safety.


$21.35 $19.71
Tough-1 Rubber Trailer Tie

$74.00 $68.31
Heavy, welded steel trailer helper makes changing trailer tires easier. Size: 32' x 7" x 6" No. 84065GY

$58.40 $53.91

Trailer Jack Stand

From the original Tough-1. Fast, safe, easy way to change a flat without having to unload. No other jack is needed - ride the good tire onto the jack and change your tire. Made of high-strength polymer with a maximum trailer capacity of 6 tons. Traction treads on front ramp and 3 rows of bottom teeth provide sure gripping. 6" x 24".

$40.85 $37.71
Heavy nylon mesh with center zipper, nylon web binding and grommet corners with snaps. Size: 36" x 24" Color: Black No. 71396BK

$11.21 $10.35

Trailer-Aid Heavy Duty Trailer Chock

This trailer chock is constructed of a heavy duty plastic. Lightweight and portable. Not for commercial use or with heavy commercial-type trucks or trailers. To use place on flat ground and push firmly under tire.


- Why Choose An Abetta Horse Saddle -

Where The Abetta Saddle Is Made & Its History

Abetta saddles are made in the USA. First introduced in 1994, the Abetta saddle revolutionizing the horse and saddle industry with its synthetic, durable, lightweight, washable and very affordable design. This new design of horse saddle sold over 18,000 in its first year. It is easily still one of our best-selling saddles today!

Abetta Saddle Warranty

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the craftsmanship and a 5-year warranty on the saddle
tree. Contact us if you need help with contacting the manufacturer for your warranty issues. We are an
authorized re-seller of all things Abetta.

More about the materials and how the Abetta saddle is made:

A 1000 denier nylon, which is extremely durable is used to cover the Abetta saddles. Abetta is the only maker that uses enclosed cell-foam in the making of their synthetic saddle. Because Abetta saddles use a closed-cell foam and 3-layer lamination of nylon, the saddle will not absorb water. You will never have to worry about crossing creeks, getting caught in the rain, and even your kids dragging their saddle through the mud due to the closed-cell foam and the denier nylon protection. This protection ensures that the saddle is less vulnerable to bacteria and germs, therefore, providing even more protection for your horse.

The Abetta trail saddles are made on a genuine Ralide saddle tree. Over 50% of all saddles built the USA are built on Ralide saddle trees. Ralide trees are formed using an injection process and a metal reinforced horn which ensures absolute consistency. Ralide saddle trees are very durable. The Abetta endurance saddles also consist of a one-piece rigging, others go slightly below the jockey and bolt the rigging to the tree, and then stops there. Abetta saddles take a nylon strap fully over the tree. Although it is one piece, Abetta continues to bolt the rigging into the tree. The rigging dees are made of stainless steel.

Acu-Suede covers the Abetta saddle’s seat, causing it to never smooth out and retain its look and feel of suede indefinitely. There is leather in four places on the Abetta saddle. The horn is wrapped in leather, rosettes are made of leather, and the nylon rigging is lined with leather to make sure it does not bunch up or slip, and then the stirrup leathers are lined for strength and resistance to abrasions.

The Abetta saddle is lightweight enough for a small woman or even a child to handle, also contributing to the comfort of your horse. The Abetta saddle is a very inexpensive, nice looking, long lasting, extremely easy to care for, comfortable saddle and yet still has a high-end custom tailored look. We know you will enjoy your Abetta saddle for many years to come.

Download our Saddle Brochure to help you better understand saddle types, styles and more.