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Whirlpool Boots

Jacks Whirlpool Boots have over 50 years of reliability behind these effective therapeutic boots. The industrial 110-volt compressor produces aeration around the coronet that massages, reduces swelling and aids in injury recovery. Quiet running for high-strung animals. The whirlpool boots are soft vinyl, built for years of use, yet soft so they will not harm the leg. Adjustable over straps & clips are included to secure the boots whilst in use. 


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Whirlpool Boots

Water depth and temperature can be varied, and medication (water-soluble) can be added to suit your horses needs. Use as a pair or for individual leg treatment. Unlike "tub" type hydrotherapy systems, you get full 360 degree aeration and the ability to roll up the boots - they are compact enough to fit the whole set into a tack trunk and still have room to spare. All this for less than most tub type units. Boots can also be used on the rear legs. This item is also available in a 220 volt (foreign) compressor.The industrial 220-volt compressor produces 360 degree aeration around the foot & coronet that massages up the lower limb, reducing swelling and aiding in injury recovery. Water depth and temperature can be varied with ice, and medication (water-soluble) can be added. Built for years of use, yet soft enough to roll down and not harm the leg. Quiet running for high-strung animals and can be used on front and back legs.