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Infrared Radiant Horse Stall Heaters

The Kalglo electric infrared radiant horse stall heaters and systems offered by Horse Tack Online is designed to provide a "spot" or "local" comfortable heat in a particular area without the expense of bringing the whole room air temperature up to the temperature needed.  This is because infrared or radiant energy produces heating effects similar to the sun without the visible light and UV.  It heats only when the invisible rays strike upon a solid object or flesh.  The infrared rays are produced at the right side of the electromagnetic spectrum and will not cause sunburn, unlike ultraviolet light which is at the left in the spectrum.


General Guidelines

Foaling Station Heating

For foaling we recommend the HS-1215RS (120V 1500W) with built in infinite heat regulator or the HS-1215 with separate PR-1218RS wall mounted power regulator.  Foaling stalls with a divider should have the header lowered temporarily to 6 feet above the floor in the foal’s area.  The foals will naturally seek out the heat.  Do not hang the heater in the center of the stall.  Instead, hang it to ones side to allow the horse to move away from the radiant heat pattern.

Horse Stall Heating

One Model HS-1215 (120V 1500W) or one Model HS-2420 (240V 2000W) with conventional air temperature sensing thermostat is what is used for supplemental heat for adult horses.  Do not hang the heater in the center of the stall.  Instead, hang it to ones side to allow the horse to move away from the radiant heat pattern.

Wash Stall Heating

For horse wash stalls we recommend either one HS-2420 model heater or two HS-1215 model heaters.  For wash stalls a simple on-off switch, locally provided, is all that is needed to turn the heat on when needed.  The best position for the heater would be lengthwise with the horse, with one end of the heater located above where the horse’s withers would normally be located.  If two heaters are used, they should be hung lengthwise and about 3 feet apart.  The horse will then stand in between with one heater on each side.

Workshop/Tack Room Heating

About 6 watts per square foot will be adequate when overall heating is desired workshops and tack rooms.  The exact amount will depend on insulation and the heat loss calculation.  Suspend heaters about 7 feet off the floor pointing straight down and evenly spaced over the area.  This will help control mold in mildew on your tack and in the room.  Match appropriate controller to required number of heaters if you are not using individually controlled heaters.  In addition, if the tack room is totally enclosed, a thermostat is advised since the heaters will end up increasing the overall air temperature of the room.



Horse Stall Heaters:

800-Watt Heaters

1500-Watt Heaters

2000-Watt Heaters

Wall Mounted Intensity Controls

A wall mounted manual intensity control lets you vary the heater output for low, medium, or high intensity and it also lets you turn the heater off.  In other words, the manual control does not shut the heater off at a certain air temperature.  Instead, the heater operates at the intensity you have set until you manually turn it off when the heat is not needed.

Benefits and Uses

Allow you to set the horse heater to the intensity level desired.

The medium intensity setting is most common, but for foaling or during severely cold temperatures, the high setting should be used.

Manual intensity controls are usually used for the horses in their stalls when they are under the heaters for hours.

The wall mounted control is a single gang stainless steel wall plate, with pigtail wires attached and is to be hardwired into an extra deep single gang electrical box feeding the outlet where the heater plugs in (one heater per control).



Kalglo Thermostats for Infrared Radiant Horse Heaters should be considered as an option for those horse owners that may have to be away and will not be around to turn the heaters on and off.  The thermostats work independently of the horse heaters and measure the air temperature in the barn and not the radiant hear under the heater.  Do not place the thermostat directly within the radiant heat pattern or it will shut of the heater within minutes.

Portable Thermostat


Hardwired Thermostat