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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you the manufacturer of Abetta saddles?

   A: No, we are not the manufacturer of the Abetta saddle. We are a dealer of the Abetta brand, along with Billy Cook Saddlery, Simco Longhorn, and Tex-Tan saddles all offered by the maker of Abetta.

Q: Do you ship outside the country?

  A: Yes, we ship to all countries unless your specific country has limitations on goods.

Q: What is a saddle tree?

  A: A saddle tree is the framework of your saddle. Some are made from wood while others are made from formed plastics. This is the foundation for building a saddle. Saddle trees come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the different sizes and builds of horses. Some saddle trees are also built with a particular discipline in mind, therefore creating a type of saddle that is best suited for say roping versus trail riding. The shape of your horses withers along with your riding discipline should be considered when making your saddle tree selection.

Q: What are the bars of a saddle?

  A: The bars are part of the saddle tree and attach to the fork in the front of the tree and the cantle in the back. The bars basically run the length of the saddle and are there to distribute the weight of the rider as evenly as possible over the back of the horse. The bars of a saddle tree are angled in an effort to have the most contact with the horses back.

Q: How long should it take to get my order?

  A: You should receive your order within 7-10 business days or sooner. We pride ourselves on our quick and accurate customer service. While we try to keep most items in stock, with an inventory of thousands of products, sometimes we must ship from a different warehouse or wait on items to be received from the manufacturer. We also ship directly from the manufacturer at times to reduce wait time on your product. If an item is on back-order or discontinued we will notify you by email.

Q: What is lift gate service?

  A: Lift gate service is needed for heavier products that need to be 'lifted' from the delivery truck and placed on the ground. When this service is requested your delivery truck will be outfitted with a lift that lowers your product to ground level. All trucks do not have this feature and must be specified to the trucking company when this service is needed. A cost is associated with this service.

Q: What is motor freight shipping?

  A: Motor freight shipping is used when larger items are being shipped. Typically anything over 150lbs or bulky items that are too large to be shipped by UPS or US Postal Service. A motor freight truck is a transfer truck sometimes referred to as an 18 wheel truck.